My name is Tristan Morell and Jackie has kindly allowed me to do Johns chart for the website. Ive been a fan of his for many years since I saw him with Millicent Martin in “moon and son” in 1992 . In fact it was partly that programme that egged me on to go into my business. It was a successful move for me and ive now been a professional Astrologer, Clairvoyant and Tarot reader (among other things) for over 16 years (eek!) . Anyway these are my findings for John starting with his natal chart (“birth chart” which is where the planets were at his birth and how they have helped to mould his character) and then on to his “transits” (which is where the planets are over the next few months and how they effect his personal chart). So here we go:

John was born on the 25th October 1956 (what a memorable day!) in Burma (nowhere cheap and cheerful for our John) Which makes him a Scorpio. What else could he be! Scorpios have a deep sexuality and sexual presence which just oozes out of them, and they always endeavour to be master of their own fate. They tend to be very charismatic and have intense passion and energy. Scorpio is a very powerful sign and its hardly surprising to find one with so many adoring fans…of both sexes!. Scorpions always tend to act from the purest of motives when set on a course and make very good actors as they are good at influencing others with charisma and a sense of overwhelming commitment. However they are often more vulnerable than they first appear to be. They are often very sensitive and easily hurt. Those hurts are also remembered for a long time too. This explains why scorpio folk tend to need control over every area of their life in order to feel happy, unlike little Pisceans like myself who can just wiggle around until things fit…or don’t as usual!. Scorpios go through many deaths and rebirths in their lives and I feel that this is true for John. They walk with lions many times. Their strong willpower and brings them through these changes very often and on to success which I think is also true about our chappy. Another thing that also helps scorpio is that they are generally very good at working behind the scenes to make things right and this also seems to be part of johns gift. So much so that scorpios are often known to be attracted to healing professions or detective work!. Maybe playing Trevor Moon and Robbie Ross has been cathartic for John? .Scorpios like the “hidden”, in themselves and in life in general hence the sign being connected to the occult and sexuality and how the universe “works” in general. Lets face it though, it’s a “water sign” thing. However Scorpios must be careful about feelings of jelousy and revenge but johns chart suggests that this is pretty much under control with him. (of course!).

The interesting thing is that john is a double water sign because his moon is in cancer. Most people don’t realise that the moon sign in someones chart is almost as important, if not more, important than their star sign (or sun sign as its officially called) so moon in cancer for John is very important. Being a double water sign makes him even more emotional and receptive and deep. The moon is strong in cancer because it is the sign that it rules. Emotional intensity is garaunteed really. What could be better for an actor really or more obvious about John?. With this aspect there are likely to be very strong ties with family and the home although johns chart suggest a very unsettled childhood or youth and a kind of “gipsy like” life. It may have been rather unstructured. So now domestic security is probably more important to john. He is also likely to enjoy home cooking and parenthood too. (Bless him). Also moon in cancer can make the individual very nurturing towards others and sentimental. Ah. Also interstingly psychic ability is likely and this may manifest in his acting ability as the gift of having empathy for a character he portrays.

John has mercury in libra too which means he would have a natural interest in human relationships and the minds of other people and also be very good at seeing both sides of an issue before making decisions.mercury in libra people always communicate in a fair and gentle way too. (most of the time!) and this aspect is very good for public relations skills and working with the law ! (strangely enough).

Now where Johns Venus is (oo-err matron) will interest a lot of people reading this because it rules his emotions and love life. Its in Virgo and Venus in virgo people need a partner who understands their work needs and intellectual needs as well as the other. Many people with this placement marry late in life and can be a bit critical of their partner, this is because they often apply logic and reason to close relationships and love which doesn’t often work . Im sure this is not the case with Johns relationship (and its his business anyway ) but he may be prone to it if hes not careful. Venus in virgo people are often shy (John?) but also harmlessly flirtatious (as if!) and they admire beauty and high quality. They dress well and usually dislike unseemliness and disorder around them. Must be hard to avoid that as an actor! Venus in virgo is also a great aspect for healing ability too. I think if John had in reality taken trevor moons part as in “moon and son” we may have been in competition! (just kidding but he does have healing and psychic potential…did you learn a few tricks on set John?)

John also has Mars in pisces which also suggests sensitivity in general and usually endows people with musical or artistic talent. In fact johns chart is positively laced with natural ability in these areas and for writing ability too which we may see him get involved with in some form one day.some of this will come from his unconscious mind and be expressed in his art. Also with this aspect he may need to watch his energy levels in general as they could be somewhat up and down.

He also has Jupiter in virgo (theres quite a lot in virgo so this sign will affect him quite a lot) this aspect will make john capable of very detailed and careful work and enjoy good relationships with work colleagues and usually be well rewarded for doing so. This aspect will also make him interested in matters relating to health and possibly alternative health too. Jupiter in virgo can make it hard to settle down to ne career for life but think john must have gotten over that aspect in earlier years.

Next up is Saturn in Sagittarius which is interesting too because it can make it difficult for the individual to get rid of childhood programming in adulthood . I don’t really see this so much with John but even so it is an aspect. Morals and the truth are likely to be very important to John and he is likely to be interested in learning as much s possible throughout his life. His personal reputation is likely to be very important to him because of his aspect (unlike some people I can think of! So glad john is not in Big brother!)

John has Uranus in Leo . So many actors are Leo because Leos are born actors! So I knew it had to be somewhere in his chart!. This aspect endows him with great creativity in arts and literature (so you see all these aspects just made him destined for stardom!…o yeah and those looks probably helped a bit) leadership potential is shown by this aspect too and they are usually very determined. Sounds like john!. With Neptune in scorpio (which was between 1955 and 1970 ) and Pluto in Virgo (between 1957 and 1972) He is also likely to be idealistic about sex and in need of spiritual understanding through such things as ..well, astrology, Tarot and my kinda stuff really. People with Neptune in Scorpio, especially when they are Scorpio sun sign too, are known for their clairvoyant potential and the Pluto aspect will make him good at picking up new technology and again interested in developments with health care and such issues.

All of this makes John a very unique individual and I know that we all are, but some people just seem a little more unique!

Next we will look at his transits and see whats coming up for Johns future!

Love and light:

Tristan Morell