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On the 6th September 2004 I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend the day on the set of Taggart and meet John.

When you are a fan of someone from the TV, you automatically assume that you know them and sadly if you ever get to meet that person many of these illusions can be shattered.  HOWEVER it never even crossed my mind that John wouldn't be how I imagined him to  be and I was right.  From the minute we shook hands I felt like I had known him for years and rather than shake like a leaf and say something daft I felt totally comfortable.

For those of you who hope that John is a lot like Robbie Ross?  Well in many ways you're right.  He certainly has that twinkle in his eye which has got Robbie into trouble on so many occasions!!  But John is more smiley and warmer than Robbie.  This was really noticeable when watching the transition from John to Robbie when action was called.  John pulled a few faces and wiped the smile from his face - instantly becoming DI Robbie Ross

Copyright J Pope




I took a present for John with me onto set.  He

 tells me he like getting presents!!

What I decided to do, so that I could show John how popular he and Robbie Ross are, was to have a mug printed with a selection of your comments that have come into the site.  So the mug said the following:

'DI Robbie Ross - Worth Committing Murrrrder For, Welcome To Take Down My Particulars, What a man eh?!, Sexy, funny, lovable rogue'.

I told him that I had to be careful what I chose otherwise it would've been indecent!! That thought didn't seem to bother him!!


I was also asked to deliver a letter to John from Hannah, who is a regular visitor to the site and a huge John fan.

I took so many pictures of John because I know from the feedback I receive that it's pictures you like to see!!  Quite right too!!  So what I have decided to do is to create another Gallery featuring some of the better pictures from the day for you to enjoy.

CLICK HERE to see more.

There will also be other photos of John and more information about the day on the Taggart Fanclub Website