Below are 11 fantastic photos of John opening his parcel of gifts from visitors to this site - plus one from me!!


I obviously didn't use too much sticky tape on the parcel then!!

Wrapped in gold, for a star, my gift to John


John said he likes getting presents!


I must have made the right choice - Usher CD, 'Confessions'

Reading Victoria's letter which had been sent with love from The Netherlands

It's great being the Birthday boy!

Karen's box of Irish toffees were obviously well received!!

John with all his presents - a CD, the toffees and a book on the Polish Mountains from Agnieszka in Poland.

Well it looks to me like John was really made up with his parcel and I'm really pleased that we, his fans could play a part in his special day.  Thank you to all of you who sent cards/gifts.  Jackie