A Few Bad Men - 1998


Long Time Dead - 1999

DI Robbie Ross joins Maryhill's finest under something of a cloud.  His move to Maryhill came about as a result of his taking a holiday from a known criminal.  He was lucky not to have been demoted.  We are introduced in this episodes to all that makes Robbie tick; he takes a shine to Jackie, bets on a horse and sends Stuart to buy him a pint on duty!   Robbie takes over the investigation when Jardine's girlfriend is linked to the case.  Robbie takes the opportunity to work closer with Jackie - they make a good team.
Bloodlines - 1999   For Their Sins - 1999
Bloodlines will be forever remembered by Robbie fans as the episode that saw him running half dressed in the rain.  Let's just say that the lady owner of the house they used as an observation post gave Robbie more than just the use of her residence and a coffee!  When Stuart raised the alarm Robbie was caught with his pants down, quite literally and had to run from the house pulling his trousers and shirt back on!!   Robbie shows his sensitive side in this episode when he has to deal with an ex con whose son has been murdered.  It becomes apparent that Robbie can sympathise with Ackie after revealing that he too has a son - Jamie.  the episode ends with Robbie and Jackie sitting in church listening to Jamie sing in the choir
A Fistful Of Chips - 1999   Fearful Lightning - 1999
This episode again show's Robbie's dodgy tendencies.  His best mate, Billy Whizz is well known in Glasgow's underworld so when he offers Robbie and MP3 player for 30 you just know that Robbie is well aware that it fell off the back of a lorry.  But when Billy is murdered Robbie's social life is exposed and calls Jardine to question his integrity as a policeman   This episode for the first time suggests that there could be something of a serious flame of attraction between Jackie and Robbie.  Robbie tells a lie to Lenny who wants to go out with Jackie in order to put him off and Jackie confides information in Robbie and gets into trouble with Jardine.  Robbie invites Jackie round to his flat for a meal.  Jackie gets all dressed up and lies to Jardine about where she's going.  However Robbie's girlfriend Francesca turns up on his doorstep un announced - she is wearing nothing but a coat so of course he invites her in!!  When Jackie arrives she is still there - ruing the moment and Jackie's evening.
Ghost Rider - 1999   Skin Deep - 2000
A body dragged out of the Clyde is identified as that of a DCI who Robbie used to work for at another police station.  The investigation leads the team into allegations of police corruption.  However Robbie still finds time to gamble in works time!  At the end of the episode Robbie and Stuart are held at gunpoint in a cabin in the middle of no where.  Locking Stuart in the cabin the gunman takes Robbie outside - Robbie manages to get the gun away but there is a fight and Robbie is strangled - saved only be the arrival of Jardine and Jackie   This is a must see episode for any Robbie Ross fan.  Robbie is set up by two ex cons who he has had dealings with before.  They steal his wallet and pay 5,000 into his bank account to make it look like Robbie is taking bribes.  Jackie's then boyfriend DCS Brian Holmes gets Robbie suspended from duty.  Livid, Robbie goes off on his own to find out who set him up. He pays a visit to the house of the man responsible (Dougie Todd) and smashes his way in.  He fights with the man and leaves but when the Dougie is later found dead Robbie is taken in to be questioned about his murder.  Jackie pays Robbie a visit at home despite being told by Jardine to stay away.  She is clearly concerned about him.
Wavelength - 2000   Football Crazy - 2000
This episode certainly shows just how vulnerable Robbie is.  Jackie gets engaged to Brain Holmes and the news hits Robbie hard.  He takes a fancy to a therapist working with the man whose wife's murder they are investigating.  He books himself in for a massage with her.  She continues to refuse to go out with him (silly woman) but Robbie continues with the charm offensive.  Just as he's beginning to get somewhere she is murdered.  Robbie is quite cut up about it.   Although not an outstanding 'Robbie episode' Football Crazy contains one of the all time immortal Taggart lines.  Robbie goes to interview the partner of Jimmy the dead football coach.  He sits with her on the sofa.  It's clear that she is not all that cut up about losing her partner and is obviously ready to move on when she says: " Give us a cuddle Mr Ross"

Mr Ross declines!

Falling In Love - 2001   Death Trap - 2001
The teams investigations lead them to a Tango Club.  When Jackie and Robbie arrive at the club, the door is open, the place is empty but there is music playing.  Robbie grabs Jackie, taking her by surprise and they tango.  There is a lot of eye contact between the two of them.  Jackie is later seen replaying the dance in her mind.  Jackie marries Brian in this episode but not without a long glance up at the watching Robbie before she says I do.  Robbie had played with her emotions and almost won.  

This episode focuses on the arrival of DCI Burke and the murder of DCI Michael Jardine but there are a couple of lovely Robbie moments.  When he, Stuart and Jackie go to identify Jardine's body at Langbank Robbie puts his arm around Stuart to comfort him.  Jackie grabs his hand when they sit on the bench at Langbank trying to take in what has happened.  Robbie is also there for Jackie at the funeral.

Fire, Burn - 2002  

Watertight - 2002

The team struggle to adapt to Burke taking the over from Mike Jardine.  Robbie is the only one who seems to be getting on with Burke hoever even he gets his fingers burnt when he stands up for Stuart.  

This is a must see episode for any Robbie Ross fan.  In Watertight you get to see all sides to Robbie's character - the good, the bad and the ugly.  Robbie is determined to catch villain Willy Strachan and enlists the help of Sadie, his informant who has her own reasons for wanting Willy and his side kick Mo locked up.  Robbie knows that Willy is involved in smuggling young women into the country and using them in the sex industry.  He relies on Sadie to tell him when the next run will be.  However in the meantime Mo is arrested for murder and without him the run cant take place.  Robbie has to get Mo out of the cells in order to catch Willy, but he's not sure whether Mo is guilty of murder or not.  As is common for Robbie he skates pretty close to the edge and almost loses the plot altogether when Sadie is killed..  The final scene of Watertight sees Robbie shot in the arm....but fear not, it was only a scratch

The Friday Event - 2002  

Hard Man - 2002

There's not too much messing around in this episode and Robbie sees some pretty neat moves from Burke when he placates an irate step father. There is a nice scene where Robbie is undercover and hiding under Central Station - he's wearing civies including a rather nice black jumper.  

If you've ever wondered what Robbie would look like in a yellow hard hat then this is the episode for you!!  There are some nice Robbie scenes in Hardman but the best comes at the end.  Robbie is following a suspect and is forced to get out of his car and continue to follow on foot through Central Station.  the station is packed and by the time the rest of the team arrive Robbie is in the under ground car park - hot and sweaty from running.

Fade To Black - 2002  

Blood Money - 2002

Robbie is heard ranting and raving to Burke about the large amount of paperwork that makes its way into his in tray.  It becomes apparent however that he must file it all in the bin when he makes a procedural error which results in the loss of some valuable evidence  

Robbie goes to watch the boxing with Burke and Stuart.  All are dressed in dinner jackets and bow ties.  Robbie bets on the wrong man. Robbie gets to break the news to a wife that her husband has been found murdered.  She throws herself at him in the street, over come with grief it seems.  A slightly awkward Robbie is taken in by this but later learns that it was an act and he fell for it.

New Life - 2003  

Bad Blood - 2003

We get to see Robbie returning to good old fashioned police work in New Life - he stays in the office and listens to hours of scientific speeches and notes and looking through the dead mans bank records turns up a valuable clue.  Jackie even comments that he managed to get through a whole shift without kicking anyones door in!!

Another DS, DS Fairchild is seconded to the team - initially Robbie seems quite pleased - it's another female to enjoy but when he later finds out that she is corrupt he is less than happy.  There are some nice scenes of Robbie at Glasgow Zoo.

Half Way House - 2003  

An Eye For An Eye - 2003

Robbie arrives late for work, unshaven, shirt un tucked (the same shirt as the day before) and tie un done.  He tells Burke he has two shirts the same....he needn't have bothered they all know what he's been up too!!  Robbie discovers from Stuart that Jackie has left Brian Holmes, why hadn't she told him herself?  He asks her - Jackie holds up her left hand and says 'call yourself a detective?'.  She has removed her wedding ring but Robbie hadn't noticed.  

Stuart is suspended after a woman in his care is found dead. Robbie takes him home and tells him not to worry about being suspended these things blow over and he should know!!  When Stuart continues to meddle in the case Robbie neglects to tell Burke that he saw him at the station and so when Stuart is kidnapped Burke is quick to tell Robbie it's all his fault.

Penthouse and Pavement - 2003  

Atonement - 2003

Robbie is propositioned by a prostitute and manages to upset the care worker who works at the prostitute's refuge.  Other than that you see him tuck in to pizza and a can of Sprite!  

This episode only goes to prove that Robbie is weak in the presence of women.  He meets a young girl, Mary at a mu