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Place Of Birth: Burma

Date Of Birth: 25th October 1956

Height: 5'11

Childhood: John was brought up in Kenya until he was 12 when his family moved to settle in Edinburgh.

John's Dad was a banker based in London, but travelled around the former British colonies.

When he was 19 he set sale on a cargo ship to Australia via China.  Whilst in Australia he worked as a cattle herder, picked fruit and tobacco and sold paintings in Melbourne.

After his year's adventures he returned to the UK and headed for Bournemouth where he considered becoming a Lawyer.  However at the age of 21 he headed back to Edinburgh and worked in bars until he got a job as a stage hand at the Traverse Theatre.  This was his entrance into acting.

Lives: London

Status:  Partner, Carol (ex Hot Gossip Dancer).  They have three children Daisy 14, Sam 12 and Louella 11.  John's family is very important to him.  He turned down the chance to read for a Boston cop show because it would take him to America and away from his family for more than half the year.

Hobbies/Interests: John loves the great outdoors and enjoys squash, yoga and swimming.  When John gets time off from filming Taggart, he heads for the West Highlands of Scotland.  Hill walking has always been a hobby for him.

When John's not working he enjoys helping out at the Islington Youth Theatre and Islington Arts and Media School.  Last year he helped with a production of 'Guys and Dolls' at Sadlers Wells for the youth theatre and a school production of 'Bugsy Malone'.  John says: "I love working with kids and its great to put something back into the community"

Most Annoying Habit: Forgetting things

Music: Reggae and R&B

Accent: Home counties posh with a trace of North London.  During his career he has played characters with Yorkshire accents, Scottish accents (of course) and Cockney.  He is convincing at each.

John quite likes all the gory make-up used in Taggart, but wasn't so keen on the maggots used in the episode "For Their Sins".  They were placed on a body which fell from a ceiling, a ceiling which DI Ross just happened to be stood under at the time!

Since Taggart placed him firmly in the public eye John has been fending off suggestions that he might be the new James Bond. " I think it's because I'm from Edinburgh, I've got sticky out ears and I used to be a milkman" (The Mirror Nov 2003)

Despite appearing in Taggart since 1998, John still cant get used to being recognised, especially as he is more likely to be seen in jeans and T shirt and not the trade mark Robbie Ross suit. It just goes to show that us fans know a good thing when we see it!

After John appeared in Taggart (Love Knot) as Robby Meiklejohn he was ear marked by Robert Love (STV controller of drama) for a permanent role in the show.

John regularly appears in TV blunders shows.  They use an out-take from the film Monk Dawson, where during Holy Communion he runs out of bread and in his best cockney voice turns around and says: " Sorry darlin, but we're out of the bread"

John likes to wear a kilt occasionally.  What does he keep in his sporran?  Money!

Question and Answer Corner!

I recently wrote to John and asked him one or two questions on your behalf - here are his answers!

Q - What was the last CD you bought?

John - "Burt Bacharack's 'Greatest Hits', Sean Paul 'Dutty Rock', Alicia Keys 'Songs in A Minor' and Angie Stone"

Q - What type of car do you drive?

John - "I drive an MG ZT-T V6 Estate. 

This is a MG ZT-T Estate. 





Q - Do you support a football team?

John- "can hear the Arsenal fans from my back garden, occasionally go to the games and support as much as Celtic which isn't much, just for fun (sorry not to be passionate on that one - I'd rather climb a hill or do Yoga......followed by a pint!)"


On 12th October 2003 John took part in the BUPA Great South Run.  A 10 mile run around Portsmouth and Southsea.

John was runner number 12387.  He ran the race in 1hr 39 min and 14 sec coming home in position 5451.

There is an excellent photo of John available to buy on line.  Follow this link:


John is right of picture in the bright yellow or is that green t-shirt!!








Many Thanks to Gemma Lambourne for allowing me to use her pictures.


To view a fantastic shot of John after the run, click here