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When I decided to set up this site for John I knew that I wanted as much input from his other many fans as possible.  I don't profess to being his biggest fan and I'm sure there are many of you out there who can add information etc to this site.  Please feel free to do just that.  Each section of the site invites your input and this page is for all your general comments about John.  Why do you like him? What is it about him? I love receiving your emails and I keep John informed about the feedback received.

Email me your thoughts, comments etc to



Pick your favourite, click on it.  When large picture is downloaded (may take a while, they are large pictures!!) right click and save.


 Read what other fans thought of Taggart - 'In Camera'. CLICK HERE

Your Emails:


Hi Jackie,

Just a quick message to say John looked absolutley fantastic on the Paul O'Grady show, had videos and dvd's recording all over the house in case I did'nt  get home in time to see it,  but thankfully I did and sat down watching it with great excitement !!!!!!!!!!  Corr he seems to get better with age.

 I don't get to see much day time tele because of work but did see GMTV with Colin on this morning isn't he a lovely man Ahh!

Enjoying the new Taggart series and am ready and waiting for tonights episode.

Best wishes




Hi Jackie,

Today i saw John again in Folkestone, this time with his children. I saw this vision of 'HEAVEN' walking towards me...cor this man is the best eye candy i have ever seen in my life, all of the pictures you have on yr website do him no justice at all, his hair was a little longer, smart but casually dressed but looking like Adonis.

Yet again John spoke to me, no luvvy dovey leave me alone I'm an actor stuff! His children were as gorgeous as him.

I was proudly walking around the town with my son in law and 27 hour old grandson, feeling euphoric,so seeing john; finished off my 'perfect' day. Thank you John, you are such a sweetie.

I did mention to John about the website, he mentioned he knew about it and he hadn't started it himself, oh bless, so modest, so john, if your ready this, you made an old women very happy, sorry i intruded into a special time with your children, i walked away and thought .... bum, i didn't take a picture of you!!!! i swear you really looked soooooooooooooooooo handsome today.

Yet again. . . . . . Marianne Burniston xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi there

I wrote to you ages ago trying to get episodes of Moon and son and you were very kind to put the advert up for me, as I love john as much as you do. I hope the attachments from moon and son help tho Im still looking for episodes.

Much love and keep up the good work;

Tristan Morell



Hi Jackie!

First of all I want to congratulate you with your beautiful site! It 's very practical (for example: for John 's fanaddress!) and nice to take a look at it from time to time.

Since half a year John Michie, alias Robbie Ross from "Taggart", is one of my favourite actors! I like the series very much, but in belgium our TV - channel "Canvas" doesn't often send it out. So, I've asked why it is like that. They've answered me that only four parts of the series come out every year. I couldn't believe my eyes! Is it really like that? And wh, exactly? If it's true, I've got a big problem, because I think the Taggart DVD 's don't exist in Belgium. Am I right? Or is it possible that the English DVD 's are subtiteld in Dutch?

Thanks for your help!


Chiara Bernagie (Belgium)

Jackie - Hi Chiara - Sadly what you've been told is correct - they only make 6 new Taggarts each year and they are rarely shown as a whole series.  As for DVDs - there is a company that posts Taggart DVDs around the world - but as far as I know they do not come with subtitles etc.

Dear John and Carol

I would just like to say a big thank you for letting me intrude on what is obviously precious time together and off from filming,and there i come totally intrude and ask for a photo, brash old londoner me! John, it was sweet of you to ask if i wanted to be in the picture too, bless you, i do not take a good picture.

Obviously, i told, sent and bored everyone to death but it made an old women happy that someone as big as you we're polite enough to pose. The question they all asked what we're you both doing in Folkestone? it's a nothing town!!!

Thank you once again x

A new fan now

Marianne Burniston x



This current series of Taggart is one of the best I think.  We've seen some good acting from all the cast.  John was certainly outstanding in In Camera.  I really enjoyed that episode, really felt for him when that horrible undeserving woman clawed his face and his wonderful "well its okay darling, you can be angry, we've both had a difficult day" attitude, that doesn't happen in real life!  My husband would certainly never acknowledge that I could possibly have a bad day!!  Then there's certainly times too when I've felt like hitting him with a rolling pin, my husband, not John!!!

Carol Wardroper


What am I going to do Thursdays at 9 now nothing worth watching in my recliner chair with my bottle of Baileys, videoed all the series though so there is plenty to keep me going.

I must say its been a brillant series with great story lines and great acting "in Camera" was of the best in the programmes  although out of character for Robbie to show his feelings and the not phoning from the house about the murder "naughty boy" but lets face it thats what we love about him. Burke covering for him and Jackie and Stuart also doing the same shows what a good team they are. Must say with a smile on my face  I am glad he didn,t get with Evie it would have changed his character and lets face it we all love him as he is.

In Mind over Matter last Thursday it was nice to see Jackie putting the past behind her finally now over Mike Jardine a very good part was played by her in this.

Can't wait for the next series to more drooling over John.

Always going on the logging on the Taggart and John Michie site to keep up with whats going on. Keep in touch with any news as always very interested.





Hi Jackie,

Thanks for the picture, is excellent!  Do you have any episodes that you will recommend?  The ones with lots of John in it? (like the one shown on TV two weeks ago)


Marie - I can recommend - Skin Deep, Watertight, Fistful Of Chips and Fearful Lightning as particularly good Robbie episodes!


Hi Jackie,

Came across your site tonight while looking for info on John Michie! I’ve been a fan of Taggart for ages, but only in the past couple of episodes have I come to realise how gorgeous John Michie is!

Anyway, I would love a keyring – but choosing a picture is hard! I think I’ll opt for picture b with picture g on the other side. Can you e-mail me your details so I can get a cheque off to you?

Thanks Kerry


Hi there,

I noticed tonight's episode of Taggart is the last in series.  Do you know when will the next series be on TV?  And will John Michie still be DI Ross?



Jackie - There are still another 3 episodes yet to be shown but at this stage I'm unaware of when that will be.  Rest assured though Marie, there will be plenty more DI Ross!!

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for the information.  Is sad to know I have to wait for a while to see more Taggart on TV.  I am a new John Michie fan, only seen 2 episodes of Taggart but really like him already.  And yes, I have seen his website and is great!



Hi Jackie

Just thought I drop you a quick e-mail to say thanks for sending the pic of John as DI Robbie Ross so promptly, it's great!!  ..... look forward to receiving a signed version once you get more for the Website  -   I added it to my wallpapers on my PC at work, but had to take it off again, as I couldn't get any work done for looking at it - those eyes !

I hope you're not offended but I am going to send you some 1st class stamps, as it wasn't until I received the pic, that I realised that you may have had to cover those costs yourself.

Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards

Jane x


Here is a picture of John and Taggart fan Louise Brady with John. The photo was taken at a charity even last November in aid of The Scottish Youth Theatre:



I'm not sure what's happening but since I've received the signed photo of
John Michie with his thanks I have not been able to pass it without a big
smile. I think I'm completely under his spell. It's amazing! I didn't
expect any reaction like that... First the photos from John's birthday -
very nice indeed. And then the envelope from Glasgow... I don't know what
to say.. Hmmm... I begin to fall in love (;-)) with John Michie, I suppose

And my Andrzej will have to knock a nail into the wall and hang the photo
on (ha,ha). What a jazz...

With lots of love
Agnes (Agnieszka) (Poland)


He did! He replied on my letter I sent with his birthday!

Well not actually "replied" but when I came home I found a letter from Glasgow on the stairs. There was a(nother) photo of John in it. And he signed it with "Victoria, love John Michie -X-"

Now I have 3 the same photos of John :P, one in my dairy, one for my desk and one under my pillow :P



Vic (The Netherlands)


Hi Jackie!

What a wonderful job you've done with your site!!I absolutely love it!At the moment I am having withdrawal symptoms as we don't get Taggart on our tv.Every saturday we get British crime on our tv and all the shows have to take their turn...Fantastic that you got to meet John...I am so envious!No not really,it would be lovely to meet him myself but being stuck in Belgium I don't have much hope!!Maybe next year I'll go to Glasgow to do some "sightseeing" and hopefully get a chance to see them filming and meet the man himself.Now that would be a dream come true!!!

Keep up the great work,

Lots of love from Belgium,



Hi Jackie

Your report on visiting the set of Taggart was very exciting. I envy you being so close

to John and talking to him! You made marvellous pictures and did a really great job.

Many thanks!!!

Val from Belgium


I dont speak English very well, so it will be difficult to me to say all what I think about John Michie. So I tell the main thing.

He is a very talented actor. He manages to play people with different characters. And this is very important. Im happy 

that  I have found this site, because in Russia we have no any information about him .

(Correct me if  I said smth wrong)

Evredita - Russia


Hi Jackie, forgot to mention in the last email that during filming (at the Mitchell library in Glasgow) round the corner from my house, I was so lucky to meet the man himself - John!  As I was working in the local chip shop part time over the summer (I'm back at uni now)  my boss - may I say he must be the best boss ever as he asked John to come into the shop for a minute just to say hello and have a picture taken.  He was so nice to talk - not that I could say much! But he was well sexy and I just want to say to John, if he reads this thank you sooooo much it has made my YEAR!!!!!! Thanks,  speak soon, Louise Brady xxx

Jackie - Hi Louise, your comments about John don't surprise me - he truly is a fantastic guy and I'm glad he made your year for you.  Mine too!!


Hi jackie, just looking at the website, it sooo good especially the John Michie website, think he's brilliant and sooooo good looking!  Just thought I'd say hello to someone who has some taste!  Please keep in touch, 'cos this stuff is really good.  Thanks Louise Brady xxx 

Jackie - Thanks for your kind comments Louise, its always nice to hear from a fellow John Michie fan!!


I saw 'Taggart' and it was the first time I saw you. You're really great!!!
I want to act when I'm a bit older. (I'm just 16) I played in little films.( Only knowed in Belgium)
Maybe, one day, I play next to you. Hopefully.
Now, I'm still waithing for the next time there is 'Taggart' on Canvas. (From Belgium)
Iene van den Broek


I've just discovered the Taggart club site and the John Michie site - the latter is fantastic! Well done! It's informative and well resourced and linked - I'm thinking of opening a photo folder for John Michie pictures but my family will just tease me!!  Could I have a postcard of John please? Many thanks and keep up the good work with the site!

Carol Wardroper

Jackie - Of course you can.  I'll get one sent off to you.


My passion for John Michie has long outlived my affection for my last boyfriend! I agree that he's gorgeous and has added something exceptional to Taggart.  I loved the episode where he nearly seduced Jackie but his ex-girlfriend got there first.  Please email me if there are any piccies available.

Jackie - Yes I still have some postcards available, I will get one posted off to you!!



I think you did a great job making a site about Taggart and specially about John Michie.  Here, in Belgium (Flanders), we can enjoy seeing Taggart every Saturday night. And yes, of course I would like to have that postcard of John Michie.  He is so cute!  Thanks!.

Love,  Val


Thanks for the info re John's website.  I actually only discovered it recently, having looked many times in the past it was a fantastic surprise to find that there is now somewhere I can log onto whenever I need a drool !  I'm really impressed with it. Well done on what you have done with it so far.  Keep up the good work!!
I am very envious that you will be on the Taggart set in September. Despite often visiting Glasgow I've yet to stumble across any filming or any of the cast. I did sit on the same stool "Robbie" did in scene filmed in Pret a Manger but that's as near as I've got to meeting the man himself!  I work as a civilian in the police in Fife but unfortunately our DI's don't quite match the calibre of the ones in Maryhill.
Feel free to post my e-mail address on the site.
Gayle (Fife)


Hey Jackie.
I (also) like your site very much.
Let me tell you how I started to like John. I was in Sweden this week (July 9 til July 23) and the first Sonday was Wire in the Blood on tv, serie one episode 1. We (my parents and I) thought it was very good. The next week we watched it again, and it episode 2, with John. Now I have to say that I really love Scottish men, like Sean Connery and Ewan McGregor, and I also fancy older men.
Today, I seeked the internet about Wire in the Blood on imdb, en I found his name. Later, I went downstairs to get something to drink and my parents were watching a crime serie, it was Taggart, and I just had told my parents what "the serie in Sweden" was called. I saw John and I pointed at him and my mum said "Yes that's him isn't he?" So I turned my tv on the Taggart, and I started to search for fan site, and I found yours.
I laughed about this one: Since Taggart placed him firmly in the public eye John has been fending off suggestions that he might be the new James Bond. " I think it's because I'm from Edinburgh, I've got sticky out ears and I used to be a milkman". Because I'm a Sean Connery fan. I think John looks very much like the young Sean Connery. Here you can find pictures of the younger Connery: and don't forget to look at the next pages!
By the way, how old are you? I'm just 14 (almost 15!), like I said, I fancy older men
Vic(toria) from The Netherlands


To Jackie
Great to at last see a site on taggart and especially John Michie, I,ve always been a big fan of taggart and a bigger fan of Robbie, he comes over sexy, funny and a lovable rogue.
Shall be checking in on a regular basis to find out more about John and pictures are great.
Well done Jackie

Jackie: To visit the Taggart site click here


how can I get a real photo of John with autograph?
Sabine Benthuys from Belgium

Jackie - You can write to John via - John Michie, c/o 'Taggart', SMG, 200 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 3PR.



I deal in magazine back copies, and I just came across this is Australian "Who Weekly" for June 15th 2002.  I thought it might interest you, though John Michie is at the back and rather blurred.


Jackie - Thanks Teresa, I am happy with anything about John, no matter how blurred!!


Hi Jackie,

I've just returned from walking the dog, during which I checked my PO Box.  To my great joy and surprise I found an envelope from you with the picture/photo in it.  I think I floated home!  I wanted to rip it open straight away but instead decided to savour the moment and carried it home very carefully, after all it had travelled thousands of miles so I couldn't let anything happen to it in a 5 minute walk.  It was beautifully flat, so thanks for the DO NOT BEND warning - it worked.  It was also beautifully presented inside the envelope in its plastic sleeve.  All I have to do now is work out where to put it!! 

Thank you so much for posting it and also for all the fantastic work you do on the site.  I greatly appreciate it.




Dear Jackie,

I just wanted to let you know how much I like your site.  You have obviously put a lot of work and love into it!

Congrat, also, on receiving a letter from John Michie.  You must feel wonderful to know that he approves and supports your efforts.

Warmest Regards

Teresa Fogarty

Jackie - Thanks Teresa, yesterdays letter was my second contact with John, and your right it makes all the difference to know that he likes what I've created for him.  When I set up the site I wondered whether I was doing the right thing and nearly stopped on numerous occasions!!!


Hi there Jackie,

Just wanted to say that I love your site.  I watched Taggart on Friday night (21.05.04) and was totally hooked again.  I was a massive Taggart fan but have to admit I lost interest when they killed off Jardine.  But now I'm right back into it again and have looked out all my videos.  Do you know when the next episode is due to be screened?  meanwhile I am going to order some DVD box sets!!

Great site, I will be a regular visitor!!!

Love Mary xxxx (Ireland)

Jackie - I can recommend for Taggart DVDs.  The nest episodes scheduled for England aren't until September, I'm afraid I don't know if this is different for you in Ireland.  Glad you enjoyed 'Compensation' though.



I was just looking and came across your great website. Thanks!  I watched the latest Taggart and wondered do you have any pictures of him from that episode?  he looked sooooooo gorgeous in the black shirt with his chain showing... Phoraw!!!!!!!!

Thanks for a great site will def be checking up on site.


Jackie - Just for you Natasha, here are some pictures of Robbie Ross in Taggart episode 'Compensation'



I actually was asked out for dinner last night but left early so I could watch it before bed and I was not disappointed.

A actually remember the foot and mouth crisis as our area was hit very badly, not one farm in the area where I live kept their animals.  I thought it was well handled.

Also, Robbie is very naughty.  He doesn't waste any time does he?!  I laughed out loud when I saw what he did to poor Stuart, and it was good to see that Stuart has a bit of a temper, he always seemed so wet.

And so to Robbie and how fit he was looking.  Given that he spent most of the episode in casual get-up (or naked and alone in Stuart's bed), he looked wonderful.  I actually think he is looking younger everyday.  Well, every episode.  He looked younger last night than he did in Atonement.  Maybe he's hit the Just For Men.  Maybe not!

I really enjoyed last night's episode and cant wait for the next one. Robbie forever!

Claire x


Jackie and Fellow JM Fans,

Robert and I have just returned, hot foot, yet again from Glasgow, having taken two of our grandchildren back to their rightful owners after the Easter holidays!

Whilst in the City, we met our cousins, Frank and Margaret, who had themselves just returned from an Easter break up at Aviemore, in the Cairngorm mountains.  They were bulging with news!

Only three days previously, on Thursday 15th April, in a snow blizzard, they had been sitting in the ski-centre restaurant at the top of the venicular railway, when in walked..............John Michie!!!!!!!!

He sat down at the table next to them, with his son, Sam, and John leaned right across Frank to place his gloves on the radiator to dry!!  Margaret's eyes popped.

Margaret said that he was SO good looking - MUCH BETTER than on television - and very unassuming - and his soon is tall and lean and looks like him.  She told us that they didn't speak to John because he was obviously on holiday himself and they didn't think it fair.  WHAT RESTRAINT!!!!  However, she says she'll view Taggart in a whole new light from now on.

How's that for a snip?

Come on fans, I'm sure that we could arrange a proper, organised John Michie meeting if we tried!!!!


Valerie (full of envy)

Jackie - Ah, so that's why John looked so fit and healthy in the picture featured in the Evening Times this week....all that fresh mountain air!! 


Jackie and all John Michie Fans

There is a Poirot film (Adventure of the Cheap Flat) Sky Plus at 20.00hours Monday 19th April with a very young John Michie.  Valerie says everyone should watch it (I assume she means the ladies!!!!!)



Jackie - Read the review of this programme on the TV&Theatre page!!


Dear Jackie,

I too thought I was alone out here.  It's a great site and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks John would make a great James Bond.  I'm just sorry I missed him In Portsmouth as I live on the Isle Of Wight and have family over there.  Do you think he'll do it again this year, or perhaps 'Walk the Wight'?

Keep up the good work and I'll definitely be a regular visitor.  Any ideas when we can expect the next Taggart?  What happened to March 8th?  I missed that too.


Jackie - Worry not Pat, you didn't miss anything on 8th March, Taggart wasn't shown.  The last I heard there were plans to show the next episode on 30th April.  So fingers crossed!!


Jackie this is for your fan page on

I really like the bit in Skin Deep when Robbie starts telling Jackie what to do, and she says " yeah I'll just let the boss know what we're doing, yeah?" and gets up.  Oh and the bit when Stuart says "What shall I do?" and Robbie says "Well when you've got your pinny off you can man the phones" and walks off.  he's so horrible to him!  Oh well - I've never really liked Stuart anyway...



Jackie - To read a review of the episode Hannah refers too, click here.


Thanks for a wonderful site Jackie!  There's so little information online about John (I know, I've looked and looked) so it's great that you have a whole site dedicated to him.  What I love about John is that not only is he a great-looking guy in one of the best shows ever made, but he also has the acting talent to match.  That's a rare combination these days - looks as well as talent.  So many actors these days get by on just their looks alone - but not John - his strength is that he's such a great actor as well!  I love watching Taggart and think all the actors are great, but John really stands out as Robbie Ross.  He's so charismatic.  I hope he continues with the show for a long, long time, but he also deserves to be a big international star.  Don't you think he'd make a great James Bond once Pierce Brosnan "retires" ?  Do you think the powers that be would listen to us?! ;-)

Thanks again Jackie

Cheryl from Australia

Jackie - Thanks Cheryl.  John as James Bond?  No complaints from me!!  During John's commentary on the film 'Monk Dawson' he comments on a scene where he is wearing a black dinner jacket and dickie bow that its his audition for James Bond!!  Shall we start a campaign???!!!



I love your site, I'm a fan of John's too and once offered him an astrology chart etc (as thats what I do for a living) and he was sweet enough to send me a signed photo, I can send you a scan of it if you like.

I was emailing to ask a favour, I was a huge fan of his drama/comedy series "Moon and Son" and lost all the episodes in a move of home once, I've been trying to find some ever since, you don't happen to have any that I could copy do you?  I'll pay you of course (or do you a reading or something if you like?)  Also I'd love a copy of Bare Necessities.  I know its a pan of me to ask but I'd be ever so grateful.

Anyway just thought it was worth a try, great site anyway!

Love and light

Tristan Morell  xx

Jackie - Unfortunately I am unable to help Tristan, can anyone else out there assist?





Claire sent me this picture after beating me to it on Ebay, luckily she agreed to send it to me so that we could all see it!!  Thanks Claire!!







Hi Jackie,

Thanks for your email.  I checked out your site, can't say that I knew who John Michie was before, but he looks familiar to me now.  I put a pretty high bid on this as I wanted to win it as I worked for two days during production of Monk Dawson as an 'extra' in some of the scenes (John Michie looks familiar to me now, in a scene with Martin Kemp.  They had to re-shoot a scene cos I was looking into the camera, whoops, wasn't looking for stardom, just interested in what was going on ;)  I also spent a day as a 'runner preparing a location for one of the scenes in the old Mirror offices on Wordour? street, just off the embankment in London (Westminster).  That was my brief, but very interesting career in the movie industry!!!!

I've never actually seen the movie, I didn't think it went on general release!  But it's been on DVD now for a couple of years!  I'll be sitting with the remote, fingering hovering over the pause key trying to spot myself!!

Keep up the good work on the site.

Best Regards, David

Jackie - David sent me this email after the beat me to an item on Ebay - a Monk Dawson script signed by Director Tom Waller.  Sounds like it went to a good home!!


Hi Jackie,

I just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic web-site.  I've been a huge fan of John's ever since the character of Robbie Ross first graced our scenes and, as Gina put it, he's gorgeous!  I've also got a fab picture of "Robbie" as the wallpaper on my PC at work which certainly helps brighten up the day (and is tons better than the pics of Messrs Brosnan & Clooney that my female colleagues are sporting!!).  I've just bought a copy of "Monk Dawson" on DVD and I love the banter between John and Tom Waller during the audio commentary that is one of the extras.

One of my favourite Robbie scenes in "Taggart" is in "Bloodlines" when he's supposed to be on surveillance with Stuart at a house in a remote part of Ayrshire.  Whilst Stuart is firmly shut in the kitchen (with "strict instructions not to leave his post") and his eyes trained on the house a 100 yards away where Jackie and the woman they are protecting are sleeping, Robbie is in the lounge seducing the woman who owns the property on the sofa.  The rather startled look on Robbie's face, when Stuart crashes in on them after spotting what he assumes to be an assassin, is priceless - talk about coitus interruptus!  Stuart then dashes off to warn Jackie leaving Robbie running after him in the pouring rain whilst frantically trying to get his clothes back on.  I love the rather withering look Jackie gives him as finally he appears in the doorway, soaked to the skin, rather breathless and buttoning up his shirt.

Bloodlines is also the episode in which Robbie finds out Stuart is gay which leads to some great repartee between the two as Robbie can't resist taunting Stuart about it.  In particular, when they go to the home of a man who has been writing to Susan Keller in prison, Robbie tells the suspect that there's nothing wrong in that as people often right to film stars and sport personalities adding (with a nod at Stuart) "my colleague here used to write to Take That all the time" to which Stuart responds "Actually, sir, it was Boyzone."

Once again, congratulations on a great site.

Karen xx

Jackie - Thank you Karen, I have kept some of your email back as evidence for the "Jackie loves Robbie" page.  We seem to be on the same side!!

The commentary extra on the Monk Dawson DVD is excellent, John is very witty and it gives the listener a real insight into John the actor.


Hi Jackie

I must admit I'd never heard of John Michie before tonight, nor watched any Taggart.  But having just enjoyed John's portrayal of Tony Fitzjohn in "To Walk With Lions" I was left asking just one question:  Why the hell don't we see more of this talented actor, especially in films?

Good luck with site (nice work) and next time you email John tell him he needs a better agent! :-)

All the best

Rob Ryder.


Dear Jackie and fellow John Michie fans-

I am really pleased that this site has been made!  I love John to bits and over the course of only a year, I have really learnt a lot about him, and this site just sums it up!  So thanks Jackie!!!!  Hannah

Jackie - You are more than welcome Hannah, I really enjoy doing the site but it's nice to know how much it is appreciated by all, so thanks!



I discovered your page yesterday while doing some research about Taggart.  I am a 30 year old French fan, and it was broadcasted here from last September to last December.  France 3 channel were supposed to put on air episodes shot from 1997 to 2002, but it stopped after Wavelength without any kind of explanation in the good old tradition of French public TV.  Moreover some episodes totally vanished (among them, For Their Sins).  In others, no John, then he was back...then we were introduced a new cop in the Maryhill fine team....named Robbie Ross!!!!!! (I even learnt that Strathclyde is...a city!) so just imagine how easy it is to follow the lines!  At the end I gave up and my sister in Japan is going to record everything for me from "Rogues Gallery" to the new episodes in English...I am going to suffer A LOT because of the Scottish accent...but dear John is not responsible for this at least, being the only one I quite understand!  God bless him!  But that is a good training after all.

I was very happy yesterday to read on your page that "Death Trap" would finally be released on March 8th!  I cannot wait to see it.  I am a fan of John Michie, he is incredibly good and gorgeous, and also of James MacPherson (especially of james MacPherson, I shall say.....:) )

I read that you have been able to watch the doc made for the anniversary of the series.  How lucky!  If its not even broadcasted in England (shame on them!), don't even think about France!  Please can you tell me if James MacPherson is in it?  I wonder as he has been part of the team for long enough, but he was no longer! and another question: is Mike Jardine throttled or "only" knocked unconscious before being dumped in the Clyde?  I read both and don't know what to believe!

I found an article along time ago about John, being quite severely injures while he was on set of Walking With Lions.  Did you read about that?  If not, I will try and find it again for you.  Just tell me!

Will you make a page for every member of the Maryhill Team or only John?  Anyway, keep up the good job!

Gwen, Normandy

Jackie - Jardine was hit on the head from behind as he looked into the water.  The impact of the blow caused him to fall in.

It would be nice to have a site for each member of the Taggart cast, but I'm not sure I could give them the time and dedication they deserve and besides John's MY favourite and not just as Robbie!!


Dear Jackie - I know it's weird right, because I'm only 13 (bless me), but I really fancy John, and love watching him on Taggart.  Just wanted to say THANK-YOU FOR THE WEB PAGE You're a true fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hi Jackie,

U know I was beginning to think I was the only one out there thinking this guy is gorgeous!

Well done on the website, it's fantastic. I was meant to be working from home when I happened to check my e-mails, saw Taggart digest and followed the thread........

Just don't feel like working now!!!

Again well done

Looking forward to seeing what else you add



Hello from Australia

Great Web Page and well over due!

Taggart is my favourite show and I think John Michie is a great actor, when he first joined the cast of Taggart I wasn't convinced he'd be any good as a detective but he soon proved me wrong.

Angela McMurty


Dear Jackie,

Great Web Site, my wife went ballistic when I showed her it.

I met John Michie when he started, and took part in, "The Great South Run" in Portsmouth during October last year.  He was very pleasant to speak with (even after running 10 miles - and let me take his photograph - which I later sent to him).  He was good enough to return signed copies for my wife and my step daughter.

Valerie and I are often in Glasgow visiting relatives but to date have never "bumped into the filming" of this great show.  One day perhaps!

I started pestering STV and ITV about "There's Been A Murder! in December last year - too no avail.  More fans are needed to pester ITV, so come on.

I am lucky that I have family in the Glasgow area who have videoed the programme for me.

Robert & Valerie Godwin


Jackie: Thank you for the pictures Robert, the close up one of John is fantastic. Click here to see picture


Dear Jackie - I've just been on your fan site - it's fantastic!!!!!!!  We should have one for Blythe Duff as well.  I'd do it, but I don't know how to set up a website.




I was just on your website, the John Michie fansite and I have to say that it is great.  I live in Scotland but missed that programme on Grampian so if it is still lying around, could I please have a copy as I actually live on the street, Cecil Street, where it was filmed and was gutted to have missed John.  I really wanted to meet him but he wasn't there when I plucked up the courage to wander along the lane.

Great work though! Take Care.  Claire Caven

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