Taggart - 'IN CAMERA' - 27th January 2005


Hi everyone -

Saw In camera on Friday after I taped it on Thursday.

Definitely my favourite episode so far - it even beats the turkeys!!!

Robbie was sooooooooooo cool!! And John was fantastic too. Felt very sorry for him at the end. I was crying my eyes out!!!

Burke was right in saying that robbie is a "fantastic cop and he can't afford to lose that kind of talent," or something along those lines.

Never thought i'd hear robbie say that he loves someone. When he told Burke that it was instant when he met Eve, I was thinking "where's Robbie?"

The storyline was good too. Bit confusing, but hey, that's Taggart!!!

Another thing that made me cry when Eve was taken away and her and Robbie were looking at her - the anguish in Robbie's eyes!!!! I was crying my little heart out - it was worse than Titanic!! and that's saying something (ask my friends).


hi all

i agree with you all it was a fab epsiode! agree with  you roberts comment on jackies nod to robbie at the end to say it was ok but she was rather hurt might i say because he didnt tell her and robbie obviously felt guilty about not telling her!

did we notice that robbie called burke matt ad few times which maybe shows that there getting on well shown in burkes way of handling the situation

also i thoguh that the epsiode gave a big insight into why ross is such a risk taker and why he's always drifted close to that line. becuase that the way he was taught and bullied into thinking!

cant wait till next weeks to see a good jackie epsiode lol

anyways off to the hunterain museem for my earth science lab today !!

love lisa xx

I do think it should have carried a Government health warning, though, as I feel emotionally drained this morning and shattered as I couldn't sleep properly - too wound up!!

I also have to admit to having a slightly muzzy head after guzzling too much bacardi during the 90 minutes!!

Superbly written and excellently acted, Taggart just keeps getting better. I know I'm biased, but my heart just went out to poor Robbie who looked so vulnerable at the end. It's great to see another side to the characters we love and I think that's gradually being introduced.

I managed to watch the first ten minutes or so again before I had to drag myself away to go to work this morning. I must admit that I would have put my foot down if it meant getting to the cottage any quicker with Robbie!! Could anyone tell me if it is actually possible to do "it" in the front of an Audi TT as obviously happened when they pulled over??!! A very nice car, but not a lot of room to stretch out I would imagine - if you get my drift! The ability to contort himself in a small space is obviously another of Robbie's many talents!!

Sorry, I digress but just thought I'd mention it! Can't wait to go home tonight to watch it all over again. Utterly absorbing and congratulations to everyone involved.

Karen x

I was set for a not-so-good show after hearing about how we were going to have to defend Robbie - but what a fantastic episode!  Very well handled, and very well acted, and no complaints about how Robbie acted at all!

And I liked the way when Jackie reached out to Robbie to comfort him after he'd handed her and Burke the evidence regarding Eve :)


What an absolutely brilliant episode. A brilliant storyline and so well acted by everyone. My heart melted when I saw Jackie at the end when her eyes looked at Robbie and said "you idiot, but I forgive you, after all ...you're Robbie!" Wow!


Hi Jackie

John's performance is this week's episode of Taggart 'In Camera' was one of his very best to date : with Robbie torn between the new love in his life, Eve and his career was superb viewing.  What a truly amazing actor John is.