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DI Ross' arrival at Maryhill created something of a love triangle between himself, Reid and Jardine

I couldn't resist adding this page so if anyone out there feels they have evidence for either the defence or the prosecution, feel free to email me!!

 DS Jackie Reid, you are charged on two counts, firstly that you do fancy DI Robbie Ross and secondly the more serious count of actually being in love with DI Ross.  How do you plead?  Guilty or not guilty?

Lets examine the evidence:

Case For The Prosecution



Jackie (webmaster)




























Jackie (webmaster)

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C


It appears your honour that DS Reid has a certain fascination with what DI Ross wears, in fact she appears to be very observational when it comes to his attire:

Episode: Skin Deep

Evidence: Jackie - "That 's a very nice suit Robbie"

Robbie - "Thank you Jackie"

Episode: Fearful Lightning

Evidence: Jackie - "Isn't that the shirt you had on yesterday?"

Robbie - "Yeah, my washing machine's broken Detective

Sergeant Reid"

I put it to you that DS Reid was fishing for information.  She wanted to know where DI Ross had spent the night.  This can be further backed up by the following conversation with DC Frazer also in Fearful Lightning.

Evidence: Jackie - "So what do you know about Robbie's new            girlfriend?"

Stuart - " Nothing yet, he's keeping it pretty close to his chest.  I can get on the case if your interested?"

Jackie - "No....just curious"

Ok your honour you could just say that Jackie was being nosey, but I think the evidence suggests a little more than idle curiosity.

At the end of Fearful Lightning Jackie has a dinner date at Robbie's.  Two colleagues having a meal?  I think not!  I mean who takes a bottle of champagne to dinner with a colleague?  A nice wine maybe, but champagne?.........

Unfortunately due to the unexpected arrival of Francesca we never got to see what Jackie's intentions were, but judging by the following I don't think they were honourable:

Evidence: Francesca - "Would you like to join us for dinner?  Robbie's cooking"

Jackie - "No, I think I'll leave it thanks very much.  I had other plans for this evening"


Evidence: Jackie - "Can't quite imagine you in an apron"

Robbie - "You might not have too"

Innocent comment, thinking out loud or wishful thinking?

Episode: Long Time Dead

Evidence: There's a great exchange early on in Long Time Dead when, after there's been a murder at a hotel late one night, Robbie says to her "By the way, I've sorted us out a room Jackie"  She looks up at him with a "what for" expression before he adds "For interviewing.  Why, what did you think?"  She just looks totally flustered and can't answer that.

Episode: Skin Deep

Evidence: When Jackie and Brian are arguing and Jackie says "If I were you Brian I wouldn't let jealousy compromise your investigation" and she turns and walks out, but didn't anyone else notice that she might not have paid for that magazine she got???

Comment: Surely your honour the fact that DS Reid forgot to pay for her magazine is evidence of just how strongly she felt about defending Robbie.  Enough to have a falling out with her boyfriend anyway.

Episode:  Atonement

Evidence: I think you should include the very short but significant scene in Atonement where Robbie puts his hand on Jackie's shoulder and says "Lets go for a drinkú  I know it's only small, but in court all evidence is relevant!!!!

And don't forget they left the office together that night and then came back in together the next morning.....can't remember if they were both wearing the same clothes as the night before though.

Episode:  Falling In Love

Evidence: Many witness statements have mentioned this episode your honour and there is no doubt that it presents some very relevant evidence to this case. 

Sent to a tango club on investigations Robbie grabs Jackie quite out of the blue and starts dancing with her.  Jackie is taken more than a little by surprise however she makes no effort to pull away, in fact she seems to 'squeak' with delight.  When the music stops they are disturbed by the club's owner and it is not mentioned again.  However there is a very significant scene where Jackie is and can only be described as 'away with the fairies' thinking about the dance over and over in her mind. 

It comes back to haunt her further when a woman arrested for murder tells Jackie that the tango is all about passion.

The episode culminates with Jackie's wedding to Brian.

Exhibits A-C are taken from after the wedding ceremony.  Strong evidence wouldn't you agree?


I am still looking for witnesses for the prosecution in this case so please email me


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