Jackie Loves Robbie? 


It seems to me your honour that the defence's entire case rests on the evidence surrounding DS Reid's feelings for DCI Jardine.  The jury must decide whether they think this relevant.




Exhibit D


The camera never lies?



JACKIE (webmaster)












The Jackie/Robbie stuff is mere petty crime.  Robbie may be keen on Jackie (lets face it, he likes good looking women in general) but I think, for Jackie Robbie's always been less of a real prospect, someone fun to flirt with.  Now you can make a much more concrete case for the Jackie loves Michael story...

In 'Gingerbread', her jealousy when his former girlfriend Gemma turns up and moves in with him while researching her next book, and her anger and concern for him when it turns out that Gemma has a fiance back in London.

In 'Long Time Dead', her obvious disbelief that her friend Elaine, Michael's girlfriend could sleep with Jay, while she was involved with Michael (that was the end of their friendship)

In 'Fearful Lightning' ,as she is packing up her handbag to head off to Robbie's for dinner (for dinner that didn't happen), she again picks up the chocolate that Michael had given her earlier (as an apology after an earlier tiff).  She could have just left but instead seeks Michael out, eventually finding him up on the roof (she lies about where she is off too)

Comment: It seems more likely to me your honour that she simply doesn't tell Jardine where she is going because it was her relationship with Robbie that caused the tiff in the first place, and I mean lets face it Jardine gave her the ideal chance to cancel her date with Robbie when he said he had no plans.  She decided not too.

Even in 'Falling In Love', I think when Jackie looks up, she's looking at both Robbie and Michael.


I must draw the jury's attention to exhibit D (at top of page).  They say the camera lies.  Compare this to either Exhibit A, B or C presented for the prosecution and you will see that the pictures speak for themselves!!

However Helen continues:

In 'Deathtrap' the way she brushes mud leaves away from Michael's face when they see his body washed up in the river mud, her confrontation with his killer, and, of course, her speech at his funeral.

Sorry guys I agree....Jackie's heart will never be in any relationship with Robbie, it was broken a couple of years ago and unless Michael does a Bobby in Dallas I think she would only ever settle for second best now.

The prosecution does not dispute the fact that Jackie was very badly affected by Michael's death and that she clearly had feelings for him, the question is were they feelings for a friend or a loverson the scene, and Michael had feelings for her but re

In "Dead Reckoning", right at the end, Jackie is forced to fall into a waterfall after being chased by the culprit. Michael and Stuart chase madly after them and Michael gets really macho and punches the culprit to the ground (actually into a pool of water), then rushes off after Jackie. He realizes she has gone into the river, so jumps in after her.

Of course the hero saves the day, and we see Michael helping Jackie out of the water and when they recover their breath, Michael gets up to leave but Jackie calls him, probably thinking that there should be a bit more from him, but he just turns round and Jackie says thanks. Michael just smiles, leaving Jackie looking very disappointed.