From the novel by Piers Paul Read.

On my computer log in at work I have, saved as my wallpaper a picture of John as Robbie Ross.  Invariably someone will walk in and say "oh that's that guy from Taggart" Instantly recognisable.  If you have an image stuck in your mind of John's portrayal of DI Ross then I urge you to watch Monk Dawson as this film (I think) really shows John's diversity as an actor.

"Stunningly shot, beautifully acted" - The Sun

"Passionate, moving and intelligent......a compelling drama of love and loyalty" - The Express On Sunday

John plays Eddie Dawson.

Sent to Kirkham College, a Benedictine school for boys, the young Eddie Dawson finds that his entire life is moulded by the school and the monks and when his best friend leaves for a life away from the school Eddie elects to stay, initially becoming a teacher and later a priest (Father John).

Desperate to help anyone and everyone his beliefs soon conflict with those of the church, he eventually loses his faith and is rejected by the church.  Finding a job as a journalist Eddie has to make a new life for himself in a world that is quite alien to him.  His biggest fear, how to act with women is allayed by a rich and beautiful widow who Eddie begins a relationship with, only to find that she has been having an affair with his best friend, the one person in the world Eddie has always relied on.

The film continues with Eddie's marriage to a young girl who he first met whilst a priest in the parish and the ultimate destruction of his life that sees him return to live as a monk on a remote island.

Monk Dawson is available on DVD. It was released on VHS but you might find that they are now hard to come by.  If purchasing the film on DVD there is a very nice "extra" with shots from the film's premiere (John in a dinner jacket, looking very pleased with himself...and why not!) and from the Cannes Film Festival plus behind the scenes footage.

Please Note.  Monk Dawson is certificate 18.

A soundtrack was also released containing the films musical score.

A big thank you goes to Tom Waller of De Warrenne Pictures and Director of Monk Dawson who has kindly sent me the pictures of John in the film for use on this site.  Thanks Tom, they are much appreciated.

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