The story in this low budget British film is based around the one main character Jake Spoonbender whose ambition is to make it big as a script writer.  Thwarted at every turn, he writes yet another script which he thinks is finally the big one, but just when things couldn't get any worse Jake's bag and script are stolen from his car.  Realising he has nothing to lose, the thief re writes some of the script and submits it as his own.  Of course it is snapped up!

John plays Frank, Jake's psychiatrist.  He appears in two scenes.  I think it fair to say that this role was nothing more than a walk in the park for John.  It certainly couldn't be accused of stretching him either physically or mentally!  He sat in the same chair for both scenes!

Director's Commentary

One of the extras on the DVD is the 'Directors Commentary' where the film is played again and as it progresses the Director discusses locations and characters etc

Anyone in possession of 'Monk Dawson' on DVD will know that this section is both highly informative and entertaining.  Unfortunately I struggle to say either about it this time!

Whilst discussing John's scenes he starts off by saying that John is a "phenomenal actor".  A good and correctly informed start at least.  He moves on to say that John appeared in 'To Walk With Lions' (correct) with Ed Harris (who???).  Then he added that John appears in Taggart continuing to say "in fact I think he is Taggart".  I guess there are two ways to take this comment, either he is very badly informed or he is saying that John makes Taggart the show it is.  Even taking it to mean the latter, I'm not sure even John would agree, I mean Taggart is a team effort.

Finally the Director stated that John was in a friends film Monk Dawson.  I presume that is how he became involved in Being Considered.  Mind you, he was probably home in time for lunch!!

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