Much of John's charity work is carried out by his legs!!  Yes, his legs!!  John runs for Leukaemia Research as part of the 'Banana Army'.  He is naturally a member of the celebrity battalion of the army.  I once read in an article about John that he was quoted as saying that if he doesn't get a chance to exercise he's not much fun to be around. He clearly puts his fitness to good use.

In 2003 John participated in the Great Caledonian Run and the Great South Run which takes place in Southsea near Portsmouth.  It's 10 miles long.

This picture was taken at the end of the 10 miles.  John was still smiling wrapped in his foil blanket to keep warm and munching on a mars bar!

John completed the course in a time of 1hour 39 minutes. A photo is available to buy from the races official photographers.  Visit:

You'll notice the yellow T Shirt.  All Banana Army members wear this distinct T Shirt and you will see many of them participating in all of the 'Great Runs' across the UK. Going 'bananas' for Leukaemia Research!

In 2004 John took on the challenge of The Great North Run in Newcastle.  This is a full half marathon distance. The race was covered by the BBC and whilst they were busy interviewing other celebrity runners John could be seen in the back ground limbering up! 

His race number was 49710 and he completed the course in 2 hours and 21 minutes finishing in position 18679.  Not bad out of nearly 50,000 runners.

This year John has already participated in the Great Caledonian 10k Run finishing in 1hour and 1 minute.  Not a bad time at all considering the race moved back to the streets of Edinburgh and was therefore a bit on the hilly side!!




The Banana Army is Leukaemia Researches very own running team.  It features thousands of people all with the aim of raising money for the charity.  Many celebrities run for the team and so John is in good company!!  This photo was taken at this years Caledonian Run and was given to me for use on John's site by Leukaemia Research.  They've promised to let me have more from John's future races in his yellow shirt!

Please take a look at the charity website and find out more about the work that makes John get up on a Sunday morning in all weathers and run his heart out - You can also check out the site's Banana Army photos - you might just spot a face you recognise...


John braved the inclement Scottish weather, pulled on his Banana Army T-shirt and took part in the Great Edinburgh Run.  He was interviewed on his way around and stated that he felt like 'a donkey amongst throroughbreds'!!!!  Well done Jane for taping the coverage



THE GREAT SOUTH RUN - 9th October 2005

This event was my first outing as a member of The Banana Army, but I had the most fantastic time and an experience I'll never forget.  John also ran in this 10 mile road run around Portsmouth and Southsea.  It was very hot for the time of year but that meant plenty of spectators to spur us all on.  Many thanks to those of you who sponsored me.  Our times were as follows:

Jackie - 1hr 32 minutes position 5398

John - 1hr 41 minutes position 7761.

16,500 runners took part.  Below are some pictures from the day

Just Some Of The Banana Army Members

John gets ready to do a TV Interview

John with other Celebrity Banana Army members

John talks to Channel 5

John before the start

John at 6 miles




To view a larger version of this picture of John click here


Me (Jackie) at the finish