PUCKOON Based on the book by Spike Milligan

Set in 1924, this is the story of the Boundary Commission from Britain and Ireland and how it decides where the new boundary line between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic should be.  Finally after much pushing and shoving from all sides it is decided the line will run straight through Puckoon, splitting husband from wife, church from cemetery and even house from toilet!

John plays Col. Charrington Thurk (great name!) in this star studded film.  Having read the book and seen the film I can really recommend it.  Some of the story is bizarre in a way that only Spike Milligan can be, but great fun though.

The film is only available to rent. However I have discovered that it can be rented online from Blockbuster Videos by visiting: www.blockbuster.co.uk.  The cost is 3.50 for a 5 night rental.

I have also emailed the production company to see if I can use any pictures of John in this role on the site.  I will post news on any updates on the news page.

You can find additional info about PUCKOON plus a couple of pictures of John at www.puckoon.co.uk