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John has been answering your questions  

Q1. What is your favourite part of Scotland?

John - "Glencoe"

Q2. Jackie has been asking people for their favourite 3 Taggart episodes.  Which are your favourite 3?

John - "I like them all!"

Q3. Will you consider being the next James Bond?

John- "If I'm asked!"

Q4. Do you have a favourite pub you like to visit when in Glasgow

John - "Too busy working"

Q5. Do you or your family have any pets? (2 people sent this questions in)

John - "No"

Q6. Were you a hands on Dad doing 'the nappy thing'?  Do you help with the homework?

John- "Yes, I've changed hundreds of nappies - and yes of course".

Q7. Do you play any instruments?

John - "No"

Q8. What TV shows do you watch?

John- "'Question Time', 'This Week', 'News Night' and 'News Night Review'

Q9. Who's your favourite singer?

John- "I don't have one"

Q10. Do you watch Taggart when it's shown?

John- "Of course - never miss it"

Q11. What do you do to relax?

John- "Yoga"

Q12. Are you reading a book at the moment? If Yes which one?

John - "No1. Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith"

Q13. What makes you smile?

John - "Going on holiday"

Q14. Do you have any projects in the pipeline for when filming Taggart finishes?

John- "nothing definate apart from Voicing some documentaries.

Q1.  Do you have a middle name?

John- " Stafford"

Q2. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

John- "2 Sisters and 1 brother"

Q3. What annoys you most?

John- "People who don't vote and single sex/private education"

Q4. I asked you what type of car you drive, but got into trouble for not asking the colour!!  So what colour is your car?

John- "Silver"

Q5. What do you think about reality shows like Big Brother and I'm A Celebrity? Have you ever been approached to take part? Would you ever consider taking part?

John - "They can be interesting for people watching but all the people play up to the camera.  I've never been approached and I wouldn't take part if I was."

Q6. What's your favourite meal?

John- "Roast Lamb"

Q7. What's your favourite holiday destination?

John-"I don't have one"

Q8. You find out that you are going to be stranded on a desert island.  You can take the following items with you:

1 Book - which one?

John- "Riddley Walker"

1 Film - which one?

John- "The Graduate"

1 Song - which one?

John- "Lauren Hill - "I Love You Baby"

1 Luxury item - what would you take?

John- "Mobile Phone"

Q9. What after shave do you wear?


Q10. Which languages can you speak?

John- "French and a little bit of Spanish and Swahili"

Q11. Which countries have you visited?

John-" Burma, Kenya, Spain, Australia, China, Nauru, India, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Canada, USA and Jamaica"

Q12. What do you think are Robbie Ross' most endearing features?

John- "That's up to the fans!"

New April 06

Q1. What is your favourite colour?

John - "Blue"

Q2. Do you ever get homesick for a particular country?

John - "I miss Kenya, especially in the winter when I think of the beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean"

Q3. In the film "walking with lions",did john feel nervous being surround by big cats?

John - "Yes, I was very frightened indeed, that was genuine fear displayed, no acting required!

Q4. And what are his memories of working with Richard Harris?

John - "Richard was more frightened than I was, he was terrified of everything, the lions and the mosquitos"

Q5. What are john's own thoughts on having an fan site all about him?

John - "
It's very flattering"

Q6. And on having the Taggart convention?

John - "It’s a great compliment to the success of the show"

Q7. What's your favourite romantic movie ?

John - "Dr Zhivago"

Q8. What's your favourite romantic song ?

John - "Lauren Hills version of Can't Take My Eyes off Of You.

Q9. What's your best ever Christmas present as a kid ?

John - "Golf Clubs"

Q10. As an adult?

John - "G Shock Watch"

Q11. What's your greatest day in your life ?

John - "There have been 3 days - the days my 3 children were born."

New - July 06

Q1. You are coming up to your 50th birthday. You are a handsome man who obviously cares about his appearance but we all have to grow old. Does this concern you?

John - "I try not to let the inevitable concern me.  As far as acting is concerned, we can work until we have one foot in the grave.  Having less life left does however concentrate the mind!  It makes me want to lead a more spiritual existence which is much easier than we all think i.e. - love of family, friends, partners; love of our planet and fellow inhabitants and as Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

If I was able to fully carry out all of these, growing older would be useful and graceful."

Q2 - How do you feel about being stopped in the street by a fan?

John - "Fine, fans pay my wages!"

Q3 - Being an ex-policewoman myself I know what really goes on in a police station. Have you spent time in a 'real' police station and studied DI's to help you with your role in Taggart?

John - "Yes, I spent some time at Govan police station with a DI who in reality are mostly behind a computer (that would be hell for us) also Blythes husband Tom Forrest took me to Hamilton Police station where he was a DS where I learned a lot as well as suffering plenty of friendly abuse!"

Q4 - Can you do a convincing Yorkshire or North East accent?

John - "Yes, Yorkshire – Bare Necessities – Yorkshire miner/Stripper

North East – Randall Hopkirk  - slight Sunderland accent"

New - Jan 07

Q1- Why do you think actors say you should never work with children and/or animals?

John - "Because they're frightened of something going wrong during a take or that it will take too many takes to get the scene.  I've enjoyed working with children and animals except the pit bull fighting dog my character had in 'The Vet'  The dog didn't like me!"

Q2 - What did you do to celebrate your 50th Birthday?

John - "Had a big Taggart party in a club in Glasgow which my family turned up to out of the blue.  Then a smaller do in London."

Q3 - What are your plans for this year regarding your career?

John - "To try and keep Robbie Ross interesting.  I'm presenting for the first time - 'Murder Capital'.  Directing a short film for the Islington Youth Theatre.  Keep the voice overs going - new 'Mega Moves' series starting and 'The Glencoe Massacre'

Q4 - .Are you impressed with Daniel Craig as the new James Bond and could you see yourself in his place in 'Casino Royale'?

John - "Haven't seen it yet but everyone tells me he is very good and that he has made Bond his own - good luck to him!"

Q5 - What do you think to the smoking ban?

John - "I think it's a good idea - smokers can still go outside which can turn into a social event whilst those inside are enjoying a smoke free environment"

Don't forget you can email me with more questions for John at


I just felt the need to comment on John's reply to the question about reality TV shows..."I wouldn't take part if I was". GOOD!!!!

John's choice of book, 'Riddley Walker' is by the author Russell Hoban and is set in post nuclear holocaust Kent which has regressed to the Iron Age - it is written in it's very own language!

John's choice of song has me stumped.  I've looked up Lauren Hill and can't find a song by her with that title.  She did do a version of 'Can't take My Eyes Off Of You' which has 'I Love You Baby' in the lyrics throughout.  If anyone knows different, please let me know!

NB: If anyone else has any further questions for John email them to me.  I will wait until I have another dozen and send them off to John to get his answers.